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Jason Allan Scott is an award-winning event professional, a serial entrepreneur who has created and sold several companies on three continents. An Entrepreneurial consultant, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Contributor, Startup impresario and a part of Tim Ferris's NR set. Sold the biggest pre-sale in Holmes Place, Gyms, history, created the largest swimming school in Asia, now teaching over 100 000 children a day to swim and founder of Calisthetics® where he trying to define athleticism, to teach it and test it at his events and finally at The Calisthetics Games® to find "The Greatest Athlete". Scott is also the founder of, Lokkima, the fastest growing aesthetic cosmetic technology business in the world with 22 locations across the globe.

The Challenge of Feeding 9 Billion People

America’s breadbasket, on the heels of last year’s severe drought, abounds with predictions of record corn and soybean harvests. The juxtaposition of the hope for this growing season against the reality of last year should give us reason to consider … Continue reading

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Global 7 Billion Population: Are you Typical ?

With the world heading to 7billion, how typical are you ??

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Justin Bieber mentions us

Ok, so he doesn’t mention the exact members of our board BUT in his new song with Big Sean, Justin Bieber does mention how the world is now ” under pressure with seven billion people all trying to fit in”. … Continue reading

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So what IS over population ?

You’ve heard of most world issues (that you think won’t affect you at all)–from climate change to poverty, but do you know what is Earth’s worst problem right now? It’s called overpopulation, when the number of individuals in a species’ (like humans aka Homo sapiens) population becomes so high that it passes its potential carrying capacity, the magic number of resources available to stably support it. Continue reading

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