Utopia on channel 4

Occasionally something comes along that blows your mind.

Utopia on channel 4 which I’ve been gleefully watching over the last few weeks revealed itself in the latest episode. Population growth !

Lets remember it’s a work of fiction, but like all good plot twists and conspiracy theories , it slapped us round the face like a wet fish….

It suggests that.. In the face of un controllable growth, sterilise 1 in 20 of the population.

It goes without saying that this is a course of action that most of us reasonable peeps would never support or even think about, but none the less a brilliant piece of fictional writing and gives us hope that by courting controversy , the hunt for reasonable and workable solutions to the 9 Billion question will be pushed up the list of ever-growing global issues.

Go watch it , ( over 18s of course, it’s pretty gruesome in places so be warned )


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