Global 7 Billion Population: Are you Typical ?

With the world heading to 7billion, how typical are you ??

About Jason Allan Scott

Jason Allan Scott is an award-winning event professional, a serial entrepreneur who has created and sold several companies on three continents. An Entrepreneurial consultant, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Contributor, Startup impresario and a part of Tim Ferris's NR set. Sold the biggest pre-sale in Holmes Place, Gyms, history, created the largest swimming school in Asia, now teaching over 100 000 children a day to swim and founder of CalistheticsĀ® where he trying to define athleticism, to teach it and test it at his events and finally at The Calisthetics GamesĀ® to find "The Greatest Athlete". Scott is also the founder of, Lokkima, the fastest growing aesthetic cosmetic technology business in the world with 22 locations across the globe.
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